There are actually 12 types of orgasms


Yes, whether it’s giggling like your nan after a second glass of sherry with your gal squad, texting your best mate straight after or explaining every minute detail in group chat, we’re all guilty of being obsessed with orgasms.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you remember quizzing the girl at school who “did it” and “had one” and fawned over her with a series of questions.

What did it feel like?
How many times?
Did you scream?
What do you mean wet..?

Yes, I’ve asked it all and conquered it too… I had thought. But then came the “G-spot” talk in my 20s, which according to my mate Stacey “is the orgasm to end all orgasms”. Get stuffed Stacey.

Melbourne-based sex therapist Chantelle Otten explains not only are multiple orgasms possible, but you can have multiple types. “An orgasm is so special and so individual. The way each person orgasms is different, it is argued that there can be up to 12 different types of orgasms”

Seriously? A dozen types?
As it turns out, orgasms are a mixed bag of lollies.

“G-spot, clitoral, breast/nipple, kissing/oral, anal, urethra, a-spot, cervical, ‘zone’, blended, fantasy/mental, and multiple” lists, Otten.

O for overwhelming. Sexologist speak is one thing, real life experience another, so I called my mates to share stories.

The one hit wonder
After a sex-filled night, she always has us roaring in laughter with her orgasm details. Every partner she’s ever had has felt like Adonis because she can a) climax and b) quickly. As she describes “when I go on-top and tilt my hips back, I can orgasm in under five minutes.” Looking at Otten’s list of orgasms, I’d say my one hit wonder pal knows her G-spot well. Bravo.

The tickle-me Elmo
She knows what works for her and as she would say “it’s all about the clitoris.” Doesn’t matter what method (“rub, tickle, stroke, lick or suck”) it’s simply about hanging out with this pleasure powerhouse. So why the name? When reaching climax, she says her “whole body tickles and shakes after.” Elmo vibes.

The chest berries
The title surely must have you curious. She swears the only time she climaxes during intercourse is if he “sucks on her nipples”. Yes, she’s the nipple orgasm girl. So out of the 12 options, which one or ones are you?