Elle Australia x Female Orgasm


Sex is one of those areas in life can bring great joy and also cause great stress. Specifically, orgasms, or the lack thereof, can be a point of great obsession for women, given the intricacies of how and why we climax are often more nuanced and complicated than how men orgasm.

Sadly, plenty of women are predisposed to faking it for the benefit or their partners. After all, who could forget that iconic Meg Ryan scene from When Harry Met Sally, when she schooled Billy Crystal’s character on how successfully women can fool their partners?

A bona-fide masterclass.

In an attempt to understand the elusive female orgasm, and to learn some fascinating facts about, well, getting off,  ELLE reached out to Chantelle Otten, Psycho-Sexologist and Director of the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine, for some clarity.

“One of the most frequently used sexual myths is that all women experience orgasm with penile penetration and thrusting,” Otten explains.


“In fact, research has shown that only 25% of women achieve orgasm in this manner, leaving a huge 75% of women who need additional clitoral stimulation. It is estimated that 12% of women are anorgasmic (never reach a climax).”


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